Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wireless in Comunication

Wireless communication is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of electrical conductors of wires.The broadband wireless technologies are increasingly gaining popularity by the successful deployment of the Wireless Personal Area Network (Bluetooth- IEEE 802.15.1),Wireless Local Area Networks (WiFi- IEEE 802.11n) and Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WiMAX- IEE802.16).Wireless Personal Area Network(Bluetooth-IEEE892.15.1)is a technologies that well design wireless technology.Bluetooth technology are connected when the other device comes in the range of one mobile device,this is one of the technology are used today.The coverage area of Bluetooth working in the range between 20 feet to 15 meters.Bluetooth connection are automatic and almost instantaneous-faster than pulling and connecting in cable.It can also eliminate cable between personal device.Bluetooth operates at lower power level which is device transmitting at 1 or 10 mili-Watt and is aimed at ad hoc connected.The Bluetooth connection are based on piconets.A piconets includes a master device and up to seven slave devices.An addition 254 devices can be in parked state waiting to join the piconets.Bluetooth uses spread-spectrum radio in the 2.4GHz based on freguency hopping.The connection speed cab be highest as 721Kbps in one direction and 57.6Kbps in other way in an asymmectrical configuration or 432.6Kbps in each direction in a symmetrical configuration.The weakness Bluetooth was not fast enough for peripherals such as digital video camera.It also does not require hub or switch for communication because it was a wave connection.The second broadband wireless technology is Wireless Local Area Networks (WiFi- IEEE 802.11n).A wireless LAN(WiFI) is data transmission system designed to provide location-independent network access between computing devices by using radio waves rather than guided medium.The WiFI speed standard offered around 108Mbps.The range feasibility for WiFI also depanding the environment.Typical indoor ranges are between 150-300 feet.Outdoor range are around 1000 feet.WiFI can also be used to create a mesh network.WiFI also allow connectivity in peer-to-peer(Wireless ad-hoc network) mode which enables devices to connect directly with each other.When the technology was first commercialized there were many problems because consumers could not be sure that how the products from different vendors would work together.The WiFI alliance began a community to solve this issue so as to address the needs of the end user allow the technology to mature.A WiFI wireless,it also have weakness of their behavior such as it have same properties as non-switches wired when it transmits in the air.The typical range also will affect interferences with radio transmissions.The third broband wireless is Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WiMAX- IEE802.16).WiMAX is a telecommunications technology that provides for the wireless transmission of data in a variety of ways, ranging from point to point links to full mobile cellular type access.The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard (also called Wireless MAN). WiMAX technology supports higher speed as 70Mbps and a range of WiMAX up to 48 kilometers.WiMAX allows higher data rates over longer distances, efficient use of bandwidth and avoid interference almost to a minimum. It also providing high speed mobile data and telecommunication service.I decide WiMAX is suitable to use as wireless in communication in this country. It is because the strength of WiMAX is the typical range is too high which is 50km. This means, villangers in a village can connect Internet with use of WiMAX. They can chat with their friends from other cities. But, the problem is not all villagers in this country can use WiMAX to connect internet because the price of broadband Internet connectivity is too expensive. Of course, not all villagers afford to have WiMAX. To solve this problem, the government and the WiMAX operate should consider lower package for who cannot afford it.In conclusion,WiMAX has many benefits to our live today in helping corporation to expand their business, increase the quality of service and so on.

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